All About Hunter Gatherer Diet (Paleo Diet)

Hunter gatherer diet (also known as Paleo diet) is a nutrition plan that is based on the eating habits of the people of Paleolithic era. It is based on plants and wild animals that people millions of years ago used to live on. The contemporary hunter gatherer diet or paleo diet excludes all types of processed and farm foods and consists of fish, meat, plant roots, nuts, fruits etc.

The reason why a lot of people like this diet is quite simple. People in the Paleolithic era were healthy with a strong physique. They were free of diseases like diabetes, heart troubles, obesity, depression, arthritis etc. They didn’t have to wear glasses as their eyesight was good. These diseases and over weight problems came with the advancement of science & technology, so why not return to that and live a healthy life.

A paleo diet shouldn’t have any refined food and grains, beans, potatoes, dairy, sugar etc. which are obtainable from farms. The diet plan should consist of berries, meat, fish, fruits, nuts, roots etc. that hunter gatherers used to consume.

Hunter gatherer diet will lessen the calorie intake and increase the vitamin consumption extensively. You may start with getting the paleo diet in the breakfast on a daily basis. When your body gets accustomed to that, you can start having it in all 3 meals.

A popular book about this diet plan named as the Primal Blueprint has been written by Mark Sisson, a former world class endurance athlete with a degree in environmental science. In the book he presented primal blueprint diet established on the hunter gatherer diet and in addition suggests a few other features like lifting heavy things, moving around at a slow speed, lots of sleep etc. mostly the things that hunter gatherers were used to do. And he recommends that it’s the eventual way to live fit and maintain an optimum figure.

You’ll find a large number of diet plans available today that claims to be created with latest scientific research. But actually, the majority of them have a success rate of 6% or so Going backward and having a hunter gatherer diet might be the one needed for you.


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